4th Annual Knit & Crochet Blog Week!

I cannot believe it is already that time of year! This is the fourth year in a row I will be participating, and maybe it will get rid of my blogging ennui. I've been out of sorts with blogging lately. In fact, I've really been out of sorts with a lot of things lately. I apologize for my absence. If you don't know about KCBW please go check out Eskimimi Makes. Here you can find the topics for each post, but I encourage you to look throughout her blog for more information. I also highly recommend checking out her patterns!

A few things I love about this week:

} you are given prompts so you have topics for a whole week of blogging

} they require more creativeness than you might usually use in your blogging and sometimes it makes you "step out of the box"

}the prompts can really make you evaluate yourself and your craft, which is really necessary a few times a year and can help you become a better you, whether that means a better writer, blogger or even knitter

} each post every year has a unique tag so if the bloggers use the tags correctly you can easily Google the tag and find every post from that day to read. Sometimes my favorite part of the week is reading other people's posts!

It starts today so I will be making a separate post for Day 1.

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