Snow Day

Snow is quite a different experience in Kansas. I grew up in upstate New York about two miles from Lake Ontario. Snow is definitely in my vocabulary. My birthday is in December so when I learned how to drive not only was I practicing parallel parking and K-turns but my Dad was teaching me how to fish-tail and regain control of the car. It's just a normalcy for me and on many occasions I would clean a foot of snow off the car, go to school and have to clean a few more inches off when I came out. Sometimes this included a broken snow brush from chipping off ice or grabbing mismatched mittens out of the back seat. Because I lived in lake-effect land they were always there!

We woke up to 5" of snow. everything is covered. So today is like a trip back for me. A trip into my childhood. Most of my favorite memories involve snow. It's very nostalgic. But at the same time it's so very different. They have been talking about this "big storm" for days now. It's all over the news, we are getting emergency preparedness letters from post and our housing office, and the commissary was a mad house two days ago (I don't even want to know how crazy the stores were yesterday). My husband has all non-mission essential soldiers called off mid-afternoon yesterday. and they already decided on a two hour delay for Friday! They even announced where the emergency shelters would be just in case. All for this snow. This measly bit of snow. We have a whole 5" and its continuing steadily for the rest of the day. I think we might have a bit over a foot when it's all said and done. That is nothing to a New Yorker.

I'm not complaining though. In New York life goes on like normal when it snows, but Kansas doesn't handle snow the same because they don't get a lot. The fact that the Army is broke and wont pay the plow drivers overtime so plows don't start till the work day starts doesn't really help the matter. So here everything stops, or at the least slows way down. I'm going to enjoy this slow pace and this nice snowy view from my window. Today is going to be dedicated to spending some family time together, doing a little baking and really just slowing down. It's like they say "take time to stop and smell the roses". I'm taking time to enjoy the beauty the snow provides.

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