Things Will Be Different

Both with my blog and my life.  I have a few "resolutions" as you would call them both for my knitting life and my life in general.  Really though, you can make resolutions anytime during the year.  I find that the New Year just seems to be the convenient time to do it.  Screw "going to the gym" and "losing weight".  Not that its not a goal, but the fact is, it they are always a goal!  So saying that my resolution is to go to the gym more really is saying that I haven't changed anything. I've told myself I'm going to the gym more, and going to eat better, and lose weight for the past 6 months.  And sometimes I do great and sometimes I don't.  Saying that just because it's January will not change anything.

So here's my real list.

Get A Job.  I need one.  I want one.  And I will go stir crazy if I don't have one when my husband deploys.  Even if it means less knitting time and less time with my daughter. It also means more socialization and no longer being alienated from the outside world.  Plus, money.  Money never hurts.
Spend Less Money.  I'll use the cliche' phrase here, but I'm going on a yarn diet.  Why?  Because I have so much stash and it can and will keep me busy.  The only exceptions to this rule is if I use all my garment amounts of yarn (yeah right!) and want to make another.  But this extends beyond knitting.  It means when I go grocery shopping I don't need to buy everything I want.  Stick to the list.  And plan meals better.  Not hard.

Organize My Life.  This means stash, this means storage, and this means my computer.  I want to go through all my pictures and get them into albums.  All my patterns should be in one folder and easy to find.  All my (physical) pictures should be in real albums or on the wall.  My stash needs some type of organization, rather than all thrown together in 2 big bins.  I want to get some storage for out of season clothes.  Boxes are not practical.  Same goes with seasonal decor.  I need to move it out of the moving boxes and into more practical and permanent containers.

Read More.  I need to start reading blogs again, which makes me want to blog again.  I also need to read real stuff.  Books.  Newspapers.  Current Events.  I read like crazy till Miss A was born.  Since then I pick up a book at bedtime and I fall asleep.  My solution to this was to just not read.  I've since realized that it doesn't work for me.  So I need to change when I read.  But reading more doesn't just include me.  I want to read to my daughter more.  We have books upon books for her.  But I really want to take the time to build "reading time" into our daily routine.  It is an important pastime and I want to instill that into her life.

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