Settling In

My life has been pretty chaotic this past month.   We have lived in the new house for just over a month now.  We've moved in, unpacked, had 3 visitors (going on 4 this weekend) and traveled back to my hometown for 5 days.  Like I said, crazy.  Not only that, but it's October, which means a whole lot to do in the surrounding areas.    Also - commissioned knits.  So I've kept myself busy, but of course still finding time for knitting!

#1 - designed a greyhound neck warmer for my Sister in law.  Still have to get it in the mail so a final picture is on hold.

#2 - a Milo knit out of Berry Colorful Yarnings out of Primary DK (formerly Squishy DK) for the dyer's trunk show.  If you have not tried out BCY Yarns DO SO!

#3 - Song of the Sea knit in Wollmeise color way Petite Posion Nr. 5.  This knit might be my most favoritest project ever!


  1. Gorgeous! That Wollmeise! Are you going to Rhinebeck this year? I'll be there on Saturday...

    1. Of course I'll be there! I only live an hour away now!! I'm guessing I'll be there on Saturday, but not for sure.


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