Ribbit, Rip it

According to Urban Dictionary there are several definitions of frogged.  Who knew?  My two favorites:

"When a female frog has kicked u in the bum"


"Past tense of Frog -- to be kicked or punched in the testicles."

That provided me with several laughs and maybe it gave you a little chuckle too!  Today I'm talking about the very first definition that comes up -

             "in knitting, a frog says "rip it rip it" and fogging refers to unraveling rows of knitted work due to an error found."

I think I've spent more time frogging this week, than knitting.  Actually, I guess that's not completely accurate.  I've been working on my Reader's Choice Project which is a beaded shawl.  I was on the last beading segment.  Do you know how long it takes to bead over 300 stitches?!  I think the one row consumed 3 days of my knitting! Then I cast-off which also takes a decent amount of time. So how happy do you think I was when I realized I put all the beads on the wrong side of the shawl!?  I played with it, and decided I definitely could not deal with it, so frogging commenced!  I should be done with this shawl by now, but sadly I'm not after that "hiccup" in my progress!  

I was frustrated, naturally so I picked a different project up.  Some self-striping, vanilla socks I started on my vacation.  From yarn I dyed way back when I lived in Germany.  I had kitchenered the toe, and thought that it seemed quite shorted than I had planned.  I did all decrease rows on the toe......not the decrease row your supposed to do opposite the knitting row.  If you don't knit socks, you are supposed to alternate through the whole toe.  So...oops.  More frogging.  So, here's hoping next week not only do I have a finished shawl to show off, but that there will be no more humming "rip it, rip it" from the frogs!

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